Bruce Springsteen - Western Stars (Official Video)

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Bruce Springsteen’s new album ‘Western Stars’ out now:

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Director: Thom Zimny
Producer: Thom Zimny, Paul McGuire
AP: Adrienne Gerard
DP: Joe Desalvo
Art Director: Kris Moran
Editor: Thom Zimny
Conform and Color: Brian Miele
Desert Footage: Danny Clinch and Josh Goleman
I wake up in the morning, just glad my boots are on
Instead of empty in the whispering grasses,
Down the Five at Forest Lawn
On the set, the makeup girl brings me two raw eggs and a shot of gin
When I give it all up for that little blue pill
That promises to bring it all back to you again
Ride me down easy, ride me down easy friend
Tonight the western stars are shining bright again
Here in the canyons above Sunset, the desert don’t give up the fight
A coyote with someone’s Chihuahua in its teeth skitters ‘cross my veranda in the
Some lost sheep from Oklahoma sips her Mojito down at the Whiskey Bar
Smiles and says she thinks she remembers me from that commercial with the
credit card
Hell these days there ain’t no more, now there’s just again
Tonight the western stars are shining bright again
Sundays I take my El Camino, throw my saddle in and go
East to the desert where the charros, they still ride and rope
Our American brothers cross the wire and bring the old ways with them
Tonight the western stars are shining bright again
Once I was shot by John Wayne, yea, it was towards the end
That one scene's bought me a thousand drinks, set me up and I’ll tell it for you
Here’s to the cowboys, and the riders in the whirlwind
Tonight the western stars are shining bright again
And the western stars are shining bright again
Tonight the riders on Sunset are smothered in the Santa Ana winds
The western stars are shining bright again
C’mon and ride me down easy, ride me down easy friend
‘Cause tonight the western stars are shining bright again
I woke up this morning just glad my boots were on
#BruceSpringsteen #WesternStars

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Bastiaan Boonstra
Bastiaan Boonstra Ngày trước
pure genius
Michael Heidler
Michael Heidler Ngày trước
The Boss + Cowboy Hat + Rock + Country = perfect and beautiful Music. And the Boss looks good with the Cowboy Hat.
Martucha Zapata
Martucha Zapata Ngày trước
the best .
Dan Shaughnessy
Dan Shaughnessy Ngày trước
You fabulous, wonderful, beautiful man you...
Ngày trước
Bonjour de France et merci pour cette belle musique même si je ne comprends pas les paroles vive l'Amérique et vive Donald Trump
Sarah Sirilova
Sarah Sirilova 2 ngày trước
All that heaven will allow....
Алексей Малышев
Алексей Малышев 2 ngày trước
Missed for a good Rock.. Thought it dead.. Leave your grave, Dad))))))))))))))))
Martin Knoke
Martin Knoke 2 ngày trước
This one is another masterpiece!! It`s reflective and melancholic, and it sounds so great - its beautiful! Thank you so much once again Bruce - and please carry on!!
Chloe Delores
Chloe Delores 2 ngày trước
By far the greatest show you will ever see live. X :)
Christian Gieschen
Christian Gieschen 2 ngày trước
Awesome .... I like it so much
English spoken with a French accent
English spoken with a French accent 2 ngày trước
This voice has rocked my childhood. It is allways in my heart.
Tobias Schönlieb
Tobias Schönlieb 2 ngày trước
You were and be the BOSS!! Nice song!!
Fatima Amancio
Fatima Amancio 2 ngày trước
Sua voz sempre marcante, incrível ,sempre surpreendente ❤
Fatima Amancio
Fatima Amancio 2 ngày trước
Talento sempre 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🤗
James Howaniec
James Howaniec 2 ngày trước
i like this song.
Valquiria Bueno
Valquiria Bueno 2 ngày trước
Incansável cantor d meu coração 💓💓💓
Fátima Reis
Fátima Reis 3 ngày trước
Always Amazing 💕 Love you !
Noirel-Goldberg Théo
Noirel-Goldberg Théo 3 ngày trước
I can hear the child in that song. And it's beautiful. Zillion thanks for the whole album
Steven Michael
Steven Michael 4 ngày trước
Gianluca Museo
Gianluca Museo 4 ngày trước
Grandissimo Bruce!
Fatima Amancio
Fatima Amancio 4 ngày trước
mym 84
mym 84 4 ngày trước
Comme le bon vin, il ne cesse de bonifier .... j'adore !
Nives Armellini
Nives Armellini 4 ngày trước
Mitico Bruce.. Sempre unico.. 😘 😘 😘
Sunnyday Always
Sunnyday Always 4 ngày trước
Brilliant video Brilliant Album Brilliant man glad my boots were on 👍👍👍
Dann Alexander
Dann Alexander 5 ngày trước
this... is pure magic...
guido dee
guido dee 5 ngày trước
Maybe he will write a song about a man following a girl into a restroom.
Joe Pearson Pearson
Joe Pearson Pearson 5 ngày trước
The Boss...
Idea Fiction. prod
Idea Fiction. prod 5 ngày trước
just a great old poet...
sar Amani
sar Amani 5 ngày trước
Bruce Springsteen, wow 😢
Abbhijit Anand
Abbhijit Anand 5 ngày trước
Bruce ! 🙏🏻 Almighty my friend, Almighty ! The voice in you is the heart in me. Absolute SOUL
lennon58117 6 ngày trước
Dioss , que grande Bruce. Me llegas al corazon de nuevo
Sparky Bonehead
Sparky Bonehead 6 ngày trước
(....this album has got Grammy® stamped all over it)
claesgoer 4 ngày trước
Don't think so-too country and slow. Not one of his best!
Monika De
Monika De 6 ngày trước
Mistrzu 💙 czekam na Twój koncert w Polsce.
alex PARIS
alex PARIS 6 ngày trước
film and song just sublime !
dawn johnson
dawn johnson 6 ngày trước
love this song ! Kia Kaha Bruce and Thankyou Cheers Dawn N.Z
MASSIMO DE SIMONE 6 ngày trước
Nancy Lippincott
Nancy Lippincott 6 ngày trước
This song has some classic Bruce sounds, that said, I’m a Jersey girl, the video is weird to me it’s not the Bruce from Jersey I grew to love since the 70s, it’s a cowboy Bruce, I miss the original Asbury Park Bruce
Marc Muller
Marc Muller 3 ngày trước
Should Deniro only do mob movies? Sit back, listen and enjoy this journey he's taking you on.🙂
James Allen
James Allen 6 ngày trước
I think, and I'm probably totally wrong about this, that Bruce had some unfinished business from his time in L.A. And this album is tying up those loose ends.
Emma Venable
Emma Venable 6 ngày trước
The greatness ! Timeless! Long live THE BOSS !
legendary gojira & fnaf 1964
legendary gojira & fnaf 1964 7 ngày trước
This is a more slowed down approach but I still like it
Matthew Kearns
Matthew Kearns 7 ngày trước
Wow, great video and song, BRAVO!
mailthatstrash 7 ngày trước
This is amazing. It has all the hit and heat of an old Bruce Springsteen, like Dancing in the Dark or The River, but it feels contemporary
Krichek F
Krichek F 7 ngày trước
Hard to dress up like a "cowboy" sporting gold loops. I saw you in Binghamton in 1984...4 1/2 hour show. Now you're just a poser. "Is a dream a lie if it don't come true, or is it something worse." Traitor. To your beliefs, to your supposed cause, to your country. Fraud.
Kory Young
Kory Young 7 ngày trước
100% Bad Ass, best Bruce in years!
Daniel Tessari
Daniel Tessari 7 ngày trước
The legend goes on!
Paudi B
Paudi B 7 ngày trước
Such a beautiful song.Makes me reflect on 63 yrs in the rear view mirror.Thank you Bruce for making a tough ride easier
Deon K
Deon K 8 ngày trước
Pretty amazing when you can come up with one of your best songs after four decades in the business. Outstanding.
Continua um mito como sempre!
TribalSkyes 8 ngày trước
When the "Boss" speaks...take a listen for the good of all...
csea peru
csea peru 8 ngày trước
it's great to see he's not chasing youth through some vain wrinkle surgery
k k
k k 8 ngày trước
you are the BOSSSSS!!!!!!!!!
carlos montenegro
carlos montenegro 8 ngày trước
A mis 30 años acabo d descubrir al "Jefe" hace un par d años, no sabía q todavía al día d hoy se mantiene la calidad en la música... él es uno d esos factores, simple pero Impresionante. Es Leyenda y punto...
Tom Van Laere
Tom Van Laere 8 ngày trước
beautiful song and clip. Perfect album, great sound !
Kay Wurth
Kay Wurth 8 ngày trước
Right ear pierced?
Daffodil Yellow
Daffodil Yellow 9 ngày trước
He's kinda cute 😍
Marijkevanderweide 7 ngày trước
Daffodil Yellow well that's an understatement!
Moe Rasul
Moe Rasul 9 ngày trước
I really like such songs that bring me back to old days when I wasn’t born yet, it brings me to old days of America but despite I’m from kurdistan still it brings me to old days I’ve heard from parentS, it also brings me to an imaginary days i wish for, thanks bruce for being a special person to my life thanks a lot...
Moe Rasul
Moe Rasul 6 ngày trước
Kariza Alves yah thankzzz sis for being in our world😊...
Kariza Alves
Kariza Alves 7 ngày trước
It also happens to me
Samir Axundov
Samir Axundov 9 ngày trước
a masterpiece!
Jerald Brewer
Jerald Brewer 9 ngày trước
Best album of the year & a great Springsteen album. I don't really country western music.
511 _ ADVENTURES 6 ngày trước
Jerald Brewer Who cares what you like or don’t like
Max Smart
Max Smart 9 ngày trước
No thanks. Take your blue jeans ass back over to the genre you came from. Which is gone, BTW
Paul Brewin
Paul Brewin 10 ngày trước
Wow again
Mircea Zaharia
Mircea Zaharia 10 ngày trước
You are my favorite one! Thank you from Romania!
Tania Ferrari
Tania Ferrari 10 ngày trước
Thanks God he is still giving us marvellous music! This album is magical
The Triumph of the Thrill
The Triumph of the Thrill 10 ngày trước
Springsteen looks tired and old but he sure could still come up with the tunes. "Western Stars" is a good album and proves that The Boss is one of the few musical artists who can still come up with the goods late in his career.
Eddie Johanson
Eddie Johanson 11 ngày trước
" Tonight the riders on Sunset are smothered in the Santa Ana winds And the western stars are shining bright again" !!! This is amazing, please tour Bruce and bring a few of these songs with you !
Eddie Johanson
Eddie Johanson 11 ngày trước
MASTERPIECE. Thanks Bruce!!
Renia RYTYCH 11 ngày trước
Charming Bruce ,,,💚🥰🌴
Frank 11 ngày trước
Hey Bruce, you make my day my friend, meet you at the whiskey bar :)
ricky rodriguez
ricky rodriguez 11 ngày trước
988 haters
TheBasicHeim 11 ngày trước
Springsteen's still killing it.
MatiasArtist 11 ngày trước
This song is poetry put to music. The video is beautiful too.
George Martin
George Martin 11 ngày trước
TRUMP 2020.
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