Carrie Underwood - Southbound (Official Music Video)

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The official music video for “Southbound” by Carrie Underwood. Directed by Jeff Venable
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Music video by Carrie Underwood performing Southbound. © 2019 UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Macy Gray
Macy Gray 2 giờ trước
In going in september to see her in Nashville!!!
David Bordelon jr
David Bordelon jr 4 giờ trước
She is the best Carrie Underwood u awesome
Tricob1974 20 giờ trước
I love how we see several members of the family in a row jumping into the water without hesitation, and then we get that one lady who's like, "No". :-)
Hailee Cox
Hailee Cox Ngày trước
I love this song!
Lacole Bennett
Lacole Bennett Ngày trước
Carrie has always been an idol of mine absolutely love her music !!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Stephanie Cabrera
Stephanie Cabrera Ngày trước
Carrie Underwood She’s My Favourite Country Singer
Macy Gray
Macy Gray 2 giờ trước
I wish I could like a comment more than once!!
Sebastian Arrington
Sebastian Arrington Ngày trước
Carrie Underwood is hot
Jesús maria Alburqueque Ordinola
Jesús maria Alburqueque Ordinola Ngày trước
Me encanta esta cancion
Oliver Burton
Oliver Burton Ngày trước
love the song!!
Arianna Perez
Arianna Perez 2 ngày trước
This makes me feel like someone was just casually taking video clips of a real get together and then threw them together and put music with them. It feels so real amd down to earth I love it carrie
Jenny Hammond
Jenny Hammond 2 ngày trước
this song I love
Ash King
Ash King 2 ngày trước
smcox1991 2 ngày trước
This and Kane browns rodeo are my current jams!!
stan my18
stan my18 2 ngày trước
The funnest of all Carrie singles! 👍👍
joel vasquez villanueva
joel vasquez villanueva 3 ngày trước
Country music is so macho man... is so sad.. wish carrie changes her genre!!!!
joel vasquez villanueva
joel vasquez villanueva 3 ngày trước
I love you carrie
Chelsie Austen
Chelsie Austen 3 ngày trước
I am a young country/pop artist from the uk! I would love it if you would listen to my new cover :
bruce clothier
bruce clothier 3 ngày trước
Ugly bitch, and Sammy Kershaw did the song title 30 years ago and did it right
Ethan D.
Ethan D. 4 ngày trước
Didnt think it was possible to find a song worse than my grades but I did it
Christie Shaw
Christie Shaw 4 ngày trước
This song is amazing am I right😎😍😀🤠👍👍👏🤘
Elizabeth Sasser
Elizabeth Sasser 5 ngày trước
Samantha Robinson
Samantha Robinson 5 ngày trước
Summer Outside Underwater The pool Hot Barbecue On the move Up at the pool Never boring Days of fun The definition of SUMMER
Marshal Jim Duncan
Marshal Jim Duncan 5 ngày trước
She ripped off BlackJackBilly...
Hadley Rehkopf
Hadley Rehkopf 6 ngày trước
I love this song
green thumb
green thumb 6 ngày trước
I love this song
Scot Daugherty
Scot Daugherty 6 ngày trước
I've u
Tony Miller
Tony Miller 6 ngày trước
We are all disappointed that you do not invite us to that southbound party of yours
Tammy McCracken
Tammy McCracken 6 ngày trước
Lots of love and I love your songs. I believe that South Bound is my all time favorite!!!!! Keep on bringing those great songs!!!!
Carlee Kelley
Carlee Kelley 7 ngày trước
Love this song it's my new fav song
Ginny Chung
Ginny Chung 7 ngày trước
Ultimate country summer song!!
Mary Garrad
Mary Garrad 7 ngày trước
I love it
Theresa Rose
Theresa Rose 7 ngày trước
So love this song🌷. Blessings to you and your family. Much love❤️
Pinckney189 7 ngày trước
I love how Maddie and Tae are just there in the background hanging out.
Rebecca Rogers
Rebecca Rogers 8 ngày trước
I love you I am so excited to come and meet
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf 8 ngày trước
Laughter makes a heart merry Like medicine Jesus said in his presence is the fullness of joy and faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God
vinny 195
vinny 195 9 ngày trước
this shit kinda wack
marlies beushausen
marlies beushausen 9 ngày trước
Yes, the easy way to go out for it, what be will come
Latara Johnson
Latara Johnson 9 ngày trước
I need some friends who want do this lol
Alex MacLean
Alex MacLean 9 ngày trước
This reminds me a lot of another song about a bunch of people going for a party in Vegas I think...but I can't remember the name of it...similar sound I thought though.
haulstufforfun 9 ngày trước
haulstufforfun 9 ngày trước
Gayle Hewgley
Gayle Hewgley 10 ngày trước
I from the Southbound but it Bowling Green Kentucky!
S. 10 ngày trước
this song sounds and look as if it was made at 2014
Henry Ha
Henry Ha 10 ngày trước
Carrie, you don’t need auto tune.
Jessica Kostelecky
Jessica Kostelecky 10 ngày trước
Love the this song been a fan since 2007 when I heard her song Wasted and got all of her albums she makes good music and love this video
Casandra Lopez
Casandra Lopez 10 ngày trước
This makes my heart so happy 😭
Juan Hallipano
Juan Hallipano 10 ngày trước
Totally forgot that she was married to PK Subban!!!
P I 10 ngày trước
Hey Everyone...Please Go to this link: and listen to a great song by a songwriter, Tony Joseph, looking for a break..Listen to his songs and give him some love...Please.spread the word.
J.A.M Kovach
J.A.M Kovach 10 ngày trước
I love your songs
luiscfdsilva 11 ngày trước
I miss the old Carrie...
Lorin Mueller
Lorin Mueller 11 ngày trước
I'm only here because I'm slightly intoxicated, but it was a worthwhile visit.
Teresa Warbritton
Teresa Warbritton 11 ngày trước
OMGOSH!! This is so what we loved to do growing up.. AWESOME CARRIE YOU DID IT AGAIN!!! WE LOVE YOU!!
Lee Kirk
Lee Kirk 12 ngày trước
Love the reaction of either Maddie or tae when the camera turns to her when they’re jumping onto the Float That would be my reaction too “Not happing don’t even ask” 😂
Jimothy Jams
Jimothy Jams 10 ngày trước
Its Maddie, and same!
Jimothy Jams
Jimothy Jams 12 ngày trước
So catchy! For sure her next #1 single!
David Kitelinger
David Kitelinger 12 ngày trước
I Absolutely Love this Song
pbsikes1 12 ngày trước
I love her!! She's so talented, beautiful, down to earth!
janneyw16 12 ngày trước
Summer brought me here!🍹🤩
Autumn Wilkins
Autumn Wilkins 13 ngày trước
What I love is that she just looks so happy in this. She rocks casual clothes so well!!!
Hope Ingram
Hope Ingram 13 ngày trước
Carrie underwood she is in the move soul surfur
Jason Striation
Jason Striation 13 ngày trước
Pop garbage🎯
Paul Beck
Paul Beck 13 ngày trước
hey yall im tryin to make red neck margaritas as oppose to regular margaritas does any body got the recipe? please and thank you
steel wixom
steel wixom 11 ngày trước
Get a Mountain Dew bottle and pour it in there you go
Shelly Lavigne
Shelly Lavigne 13 ngày trước
Nailed it!!!!
Amber Pond
Amber Pond 13 ngày trước
I love carrie and her song even this song and the video
Cheryl Graham
Cheryl Graham 14 ngày trước
Love this song and love Carrie Underwood. She has the best voice!!!
justice hardy
justice hardy 14 ngày trước
I wanna see her live but she is not coming near where I live
Dane Myrick
Dane Myrick 14 ngày trước
A little more poppy than her older stuff, I dig it.
Mike Keith
Mike Keith 14 ngày trước
Carrie Underwood is so pretty 😍
Ray Vincent
Ray Vincent 14 ngày trước
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Steve Carpenter
Steve Carpenter 14 ngày trước
My mind's eye quietly closes in..Softly I embrace the darkness of another day passed. Within..My heart watches the shadows of days passed, my mind races to the memories, from the first to whatever may be my last..the present and the past. The flame of this place. My footprints in the sand..Til the day I die..and.... ~~~>
Justin Oiler
Justin Oiler 14 ngày trước
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