LEARNING HOW TO ACT ft. Noah Schnapp

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Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

5 ngày trước

In this episode of Out Of Our Comfort Zones we met up with Noah Schnapp, a professional actor who plays the part of WILL on the iconic show 'Stranger Things', to get some insights on what it's like to be an actor on the big screen and to learn out to become professional actors ourselves.
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Rania Ghaly
Rania Ghaly 40 phút trước
Who else thinks Grayson did his brows?
Arabella Levis
Arabella Levis 47 phút trước
Started tearing up over the pickle scene lmao
Isabella Aguilar
Isabella Aguilar 48 phút trước
I love how Grayson starts bawling because "he was allergic to pickles."
Mary Bear
Mary Bear 48 phút trước
I don’t think I can relate to anything else batter than this at 17:56
Alayna Ennis
Alayna Ennis Giờ trước
For the emotional scene with pickles.. I could easily start crying if I found I was allergic to pickles I love them 😂 17:16 is me
candice Giờ trước
noah: wHERE’S MY SON?! joyce: gIVE ME MY SON!!! *like mother like son.*
Haigs Haigains
Haigs Haigains Giờ trước
I hate it when people make an edit of their comment saying “Omg, I’ve never gotten this many likes. Thank you so much!”
Saphira Flores
Saphira Flores Giờ trước
Y’all need to restock your merch in sizes. Like your swim suit only has a 2X please restock soon. Thanks
Mahtab Hosseinzadeh Gelkalaei
Mahtab Hosseinzadeh Gelkalaei Giờ trước
There's something called a shaver...you should consider it...no hate..
Rukya Salman
Rukya Salman Giờ trước
lil taco
lil taco 2 giờ trước
oop you guys all my 4 husbands in 5:09
Jessica Jeanne Pearey
Jessica Jeanne Pearey 2 giờ trước
Whoa wtf. The crowd is not satisfied. You guys must finish.
Alexis Marie’s World
Alexis Marie’s World 2 giờ trước
You guys should do a episode where are you guys become a professional singer 😍lyu
Amrit Khunga
Amrit Khunga 2 giờ trước
Hi guys, I just started a VNwomen channel, I post daily vlogs. If you could show some support, that would be appreciated. Let’s help each other out!
Alaina Grace
Alaina Grace 2 giờ trước
“E-.... Esmeralda.... dude.. she was all that I cared about”
Jade Vanderhee
Jade Vanderhee 2 giờ trước
guys please PLEASE stay safe. Especially E !!
Aggressive Kepner
Aggressive Kepner Giờ trước
Emmanuel Zamora same I hope he’s ok
Emmanuel Zamora
Emmanuel Zamora 2 giờ trước
im actually scared
Alaina Grace
Alaina Grace 2 giờ trước
17:56 me fucking too Noah
Jazmin Ramirez
Jazmin Ramirez 2 giờ trước
I love stranger things I can't wait for season 3 and I am a big fan of Noah I really want to meet him😁😁
leah m
leah m 2 giờ trước
grayson crying over pickles is me
Jen Ye
Jen Ye 2 giờ trước
I’m sorry but Ethan saying smooch over kiss is not something I can take seriously
Jen Ye
Jen Ye 2 giờ trước
Omg Grayson is crying his heart over pickles and Ethan is like - my mom dead..ah man yeah ah
Jen Ye
Jen Ye 3 giờ trước
Fake tears, ha hunny please, I can make myself cry anytime I want.
Zainab Atia
Zainab Atia 3 giờ trước
Noah is so cute
Diana Dominguez
Diana Dominguez 3 giờ trước
Damn this is so good 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Tiff Klimczak
Tiff Klimczak 3 giờ trước
You know what I love about the Dolan twins? Their subscribers are legit. Not bought or anything. They have been on VNwomen for what 5 years now and just hit 10 million. That's how you know they truly have a legit fan base and didn't get 10 mil in 6 months and people genuinely enjoy their content
Koko Mmc
Koko Mmc 3 giờ trước
I hope Ethan is safe x
rose ortiz
rose ortiz 3 giờ trước
noah:i love crying me: oml me toooo😭😢
Sofia Leon
Sofia Leon 3 giờ trước
I started crying cause of the pickles
Camden Matsumoto
Camden Matsumoto 4 giờ trước
17:56! “I love crying”
Carolyn Dinh
Carolyn Dinh 4 giờ trước
Omg in the video with Emma she said she was sweaty
Eman Zahra
Eman Zahra 4 giờ trước
19:50 e: go to ur room 😂
Erin Arends
Erin Arends 4 giờ trước
Becca Rame
Becca Rame 4 giờ trước
Ethans voice crack 😂 "WhY are you getting..." 19:40 Maybe it's not a voice crack but it sounds funny to me 😂
Izabell Joel
Izabell Joel 4 giờ trước
Hi I love this vid and I’m a huge fan
Miriam Jensen
Miriam Jensen 5 giờ trước
this video was so stupid
Silentxvx xvx
Silentxvx xvx 5 giờ trước
So you're telling me the dolan twins can't act... Have you seen their videos , greyson should win an oscar for pretending to fall for his brother's pranks.
Andree Rodriguez
Andree Rodriguez 5 giờ trước
Grayson I ate all the pickles Grayson why because I'm pickle man
Niairah Hemingway
Niairah Hemingway 5 giờ trước
Noah: *I love crying*
Summer Smith
Summer Smith 5 giờ trước
IM DYING 19:48 Ethan: "go to ur room."
Niairah Hemingway
Niairah Hemingway 5 giờ trước
What is that LMAO 🤣😂💀 9:33
humptyxo 6 giờ trước
Learning how to paint ft CHAMBERLAIN PAINTINGS !!
Bri Why don’t we
Bri Why don’t we 6 giờ trước
imagine, season 3 stranger things, ft the dolan twins
Lilly Saiz
Lilly Saiz 6 giờ trước
You guys need to stay safe please update us we love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️#AlertTheDolanTwins !!
Kristin Lewis
Kristin Lewis 6 giờ trước
When Gray was talking about his "mom dying," I think me might have been thinking about his dad.
XMariam66X 6 giờ trước
I hope Ethan is safe x
XMariam66X 6 giờ trước
I hope Ethan is safe x
Nattie Wade's World
Nattie Wade's World 6 giờ trước
Noah is hitting puberty mad hard. Like every word his voice cracks.
charlotte spies
charlotte spies 6 giờ trước
No one: Absolutely no one: Noah: You guys are awesome!
Batia Khabieh
Batia Khabieh 6 giờ trước
Holy crap Ethan is going to die
Cass V-j
Cass V-j 7 giờ trước
Ahmed al shehhi
Ahmed al shehhi 7 giờ trước
Congratulations on hitting 10m subs
Savage Unicorn
Savage Unicorn 7 giờ trước
I love it when Gray and Noah are freaking out about their son... I ship it so hard #Groah
SnowySlimes x
SnowySlimes x 6 giờ trước
infinity lux
infinity lux 7 giờ trước
Grayson gave it his all and did amazing i hope he continues acting.
Ellie Millington
Ellie Millington 7 giờ trước
Jesus Christ this video has me crying 😂
Grace Fellows
Grace Fellows 7 giờ trước
infinity lux
infinity lux 7 giờ trước
This is Gold thanks to noah for all the acting tips
Julz’s World
Julz’s World 7 giờ trước
No one: Not a soul: not even that annoying kid in your class: Noah:i love crying 😭😂
Cambria Sipprell
Cambria Sipprell 7 giờ trước
I do the whole shake it out thing they did when I’m backstage for cheer but I go from 4 not 8 lol
Janelle Ruiz
Janelle Ruiz 8 giờ trước
I love Noah Schnapps
Cambria Sipprell
Cambria Sipprell 8 giờ trước
Okay woah ..... he’s so much cuter then I thought
Morgan gucci
Morgan gucci 8 giờ trước
nobody: Noah:" I love crying!"
Alanalee Kellar
Alanalee Kellar 8 giờ trước
16:20 I started crying
Relieved Soup
Relieved Soup 8 giờ trước
Someone make there hairlines a meme
MD Olaoye
MD Olaoye 8 giờ trước
Your next video should be teaching Ethan how to cook or a video where both of you have the same recipe and see who makes it better
Savitoj Grewal - Lougheed MS (1486)
Savitoj Grewal - Lougheed MS (1486) 8 giờ trước
Please be safe I won't be able to live if what's going on comes true
Mayrin Torres
Mayrin Torres 8 giờ trước
The Dolan twins are playing in the ace family basketball charity event and in Austin's team 💛💛
Eman Zahra
Eman Zahra 4 giờ trước
Not anymore 😢
Lucy 8 giờ trước
Dolan twins plz reaction Park Jimin dancing :u
Sydney Whitlock
Sydney Whitlock 8 giờ trước
#ALERTETHANDOLAN guys keep him safe
Zoe Park
Zoe Park 8 giờ trước
i miss the sister squad
Rani hagedorn
Rani hagedorn 8 giờ trước
maizyn ross
maizyn ross 8 giờ trước
17:55 noah: i love crying. me: wait me too! can we be friends?
Max :]
Max :] 8 giờ trước
funny thing is i’m actually allergic to pickles
Rani hagedorn
Rani hagedorn 8 giờ trước
when he said tom holland we went crazy
Julia Jozwik
Julia Jozwik 8 giờ trước
*Noah "I love crying"
Luluah Boraie
Luluah Boraie 8 giờ trước
can we talk about noah’s acting though in 17:17- the end of the scene LOL ... I was like WOAH
littlefoot lps
littlefoot lps 9 giờ trước
No ones gonna talk about how Ethan Dolan is getting threats
littlefoot lps
littlefoot lps 8 giờ trước
Melody Altamirano same
Melody Altamirano
Melody Altamirano 8 giờ trước
littlefoot lps ikr I’m terrified
Esmeralda Canseco
Esmeralda Canseco 9 giờ trước
So my name is Esmeralda and when they were improving and fighting about Grayson stealing his girl I started freaking out 😁🤪
Paige Marshall
Paige Marshall 9 giờ trước
i really hope the twins are safe. that twitter shit is terrifying
CrazyPnut 08
CrazyPnut 08 9 giờ trước
E•M•I•L•Y 9 giờ trước
CrazyPnut 08 I don’t think the person is a fan.
CutePawz lps
CutePawz lps 9 giờ trước
Happy Father's day gray!
Leslie World
Leslie World 9 giờ trước
Congrats on 10M subs 🎂🎁🌈❤️😇😍
Bryanna Matthews
Bryanna Matthews 9 giờ trước
J Cockerill
J Cockerill 9 giờ trước
You guys should do figure skating next! 😂
Taylor AGN
Taylor AGN 9 giờ trước
On tok tok it said Ethan was missing and was found dead is that true
Melody Altamirano
Melody Altamirano 8 giờ trước
Omg what
Georgiana Simon
Georgiana Simon 9 giờ trước
Taylor AGN im scared
Spirit Kittn
Spirit Kittn 9 giờ trước
so funny guys :]
Diamond 9 giờ trước
10 MILLION 🎊🎆🎇🎊
arya 2017
arya 2017 10 giờ trước
kylie G
kylie G 10 giờ trước
Be careful were you go Ethan and Grayson someone is trying to kill Ethan don't take this as a joke there saying that their going to kill Ethan in front of Grayson
banger dolan
banger dolan 10 giờ trước
Eliska peskova
Eliska peskova 10 giờ trước
kira adame
kira adame 10 giờ trước
12:42 Ok so now we know that gray and Noah are gay!👍:)
O K 10 giờ trước
17:56 Noah: *I love crying* Mood
Debbie Riego
Debbie Riego 10 giờ trước
10M!!! Congrats to you guys. I’ve been supporting you since I was 13. I’ll keep on watching you both grow! :)))
Layan Vlogs
Layan Vlogs 10 giờ trước
You should try horse riding 🐴next 😂
LEE Xx 10 giờ trước
I really like noah and all but he kept on saying like
Kierra Keegan
Kierra Keegan 11 giờ trước
Grayson: Esmeralda has very luxurious lips Ethan:IK!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
LinaYT xox
LinaYT xox 11 giờ trước
Eryn Kae
Eryn Kae 11 giờ trước
The improv was so good! 😂
Eryn Kae
Eryn Kae 11 giờ trước
Ethan is actually so good at acting!
Jarrod98 11 giờ trước
Wake the Fuck up Samurai, We have a city to burn.
Maria Vecchione
Maria Vecchione 12 giờ trước
Ok so on Instagram there is a person who is saying they are going to kill Ethen this week please aware keep safe. We are all scared and I know you guys don’t know about it but I am really scared
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