Scream Powered Microwave

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Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves

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Your robot ideas are bad and you should feel bad
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Mark Pintman
Mark Pintman Giờ trước
A trash can that drops out the trash you put in it
Merry mif Man
Merry mif Man Giờ trước
A speaker that only works when you make noise
Zike93 2 giờ trước
You should make a TV that changes channels every time you don't try to change the channel and doesn't when you do.
-BOBOMB - 2 giờ trước
Make a robot that forces you to stup your toe on a table leg
Banana Boi
Banana Boi 3 giờ trước
Make a robot for a nerf war
Golden Glitch
Golden Glitch 3 giờ trước
Make a bigger metal piston spike that stabs turtles or make a device specifically made for insertion of straws in the nose of turtles.
gtkall 4 giờ trước
Now listen to me, listentome... ELECTRIC. POWERED. ZIPPER.
Ficus The Potted Plant
Ficus The Potted Plant 4 giờ trước
make something which work on potato electricity
Giovanni DiLeo
Giovanni DiLeo 4 giờ trước
A TV that turns on by itself
Sal Shiba
Sal Shiba 5 giờ trước
You know what would be the most stupid thing you could ever build ever. A corn gun. A gun that uses pressurized air to shoot corn at people. A whole cob or just a singular corn. It would be the dumbest thing and yet I need it to exist in this world. It shall be a weapon of mass corniness.
Wies Jordi
Wies Jordi 6 giờ trước
What if you made a robot that says: your idea is trash and you should feel bad about yourself
Donatella Bertuccio
Donatella Bertuccio 6 giờ trước
a robot witha minecraft cheat ai in it
ruin your day
ruin your day 8 giờ trước
a robot idea
Jens van Lambalgen
Jens van Lambalgen 8 giờ trước
Make a boom box that follows you around but... everytime it hits something it moans like a hentai character
Emma Viktoria
Emma Viktoria 8 giờ trước
A camera that only takes bad pictures
Vinay V
Vinay V 9 giờ trước
Michael we need the second channel with the cooooode!!
rwl 04
rwl 04 10 giờ trước
Make a banana that explodes every time you try to peel it
Ellie The Icon !
Ellie The Icon ! 10 giờ trước
A hammer that purposely missed the nail
Kill Shot AKA name-kiel
Kill Shot AKA name-kiel 10 giờ trước
Nice comment on tz with the bulk sized Costco straws
kick ur mom ass
kick ur mom ass 11 giờ trước
Hey Michael make an scream door that will just unlocked when u scream on it
Ned Bugge
Ned Bugge 11 giờ trước
You should build a robot that builds a robot
GamerGuy friendly
GamerGuy friendly 12 giờ trước
a robot that detects farts when it detects a fart it sends a pulse to a machine that makes a warning sound
Seth McIntosh
Seth McIntosh 13 giờ trước
Make a robot that says your idea is bad
random kids from cherry street
random kids from cherry street 13 giờ trước
Make a sex doll that doesn't consent
JackIsGiant 13 giờ trước
i am fortnite yes
Lexie Smh
Lexie Smh 13 giờ trước
2:39 sooooo no one is gonna talk about the gun show 💪🏼👀
Mush 9 giờ trước
Damn boi he thicc
LoudGames 14 giờ trước
Im fucking crying, its the same fucking lady and shes just so done with your shit "you could have atleast asked" like oh my god i cant believe she actually came out and reacted like that with yall. how have the cops not been called, actually im not done with the video yet nvm.
sleepsweet 14 giờ trước
UHHHH EVERYTIME THE DOOR WAS OPEN WHILE RUNNING YOU WERE EXPOSING YOURSELF TO HARMFUL MICROWAVE RADIATION!! That metal mesh screen inside of a microwave door window is there as protection so the radiation can't travel through the glass. Just a heads up hahaha. *Edited muh comment. Originally said it cause cancer. A quick Bing surch says that aint true. You COULD burn your flesh and fuck up your eyes tho. Throw that thing away haha or atleast don't bypass the door hinge.*
Yupper Pupper
Yupper Pupper 15 giờ trước
This is how many months it takes michael to upload. | | ¥
Spida 15 giờ trước
is that like a no
Senpai Shion
Senpai Shion 16 giờ trước
A machine that kicks you with a mannequin leg everytime you take a step. hey look my suggestion sucks
freetek23 16 giờ trước
Just do SOMETHING already! *pokes with a stick*
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson 17 giờ trước
So apparently "University of Waterloo professor says his research shows that people should be standing for at least 30 minutes per hour to get health benefits." With that knowledge make a chair that makes itself unusable after 30min. of use.
Vektocist 18 giờ trước
Michael you should build one of those voice activated diaries but when someone gets the password wrong fireworks blow up in their face
Grandma Margeret
Grandma Margeret 18 giờ trước
Make a machine that shuffles cards
wicuś._. 19 giờ trước
Do the robot
Jet The Rabbit
Jet The Rabbit 19 giờ trước
if you put a human in there it won’t stop
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez 20 giờ trước
Where can I get shirts like his?
robinbeaulieu07 20 giờ trước
You need a new robot video, i love them
havolli _
havolli _ 21 giờ trước
Make shoes that moan every step you take
Bo Popson
Bo Popson 21 giờ trước
And tell him to do a vid with it
Bo Popson
Bo Popson 21 giờ trước
app Make a machine that tazes you if laugh then sent it to pewdiepie
Jake O Sullivan
Jake O Sullivan 22 giờ trước
Hear me out: An outhouse that plays all star whenever you leave
DaLordBoy 23 giờ trước
nightmare , nightmare ,nightmare... i know what you did there .it's the part of the cure .
Turtle 23 giờ trước
a robot that can give you coffee and food and it will move and says some shit in french or it says heres your coffee and food mr.reeves
AidenGamez14 Ngày trước
You should make a robot that throws money every time it hears someone moan
G1NG3R B01
G1NG3R B01 Ngày trước
a robot that buys food for you
Ka!tl!nKa!tl!n Ngày trước
A roomba that picks up garbage and then immediately launches it into the air while delivering a nasty comment in Michaels voice
Zachary Williams
Zachary Williams Ngày trước
Make a robot that fires skewer sticks at extremely high speeds
jacob janeczko
jacob janeczko Ngày trước
A robot that get a perfect bottle flip every time
Jackprin Ngày trước
A robot that insults people
Illumijoshy Ngày trước
An Alexa that only answers you incorrectly.
Isaac Zavala
Isaac Zavala Ngày trước
When your IQ is so high you start making videos of you yelling and screaming at a microwave
the shooketh
the shooketh Ngày trước
A drone that hunts for long hair
MasonMC Ngày trước
Make a robot that deletes good robot ideas and hearts good robot ideas so that they end up on top
Gun Gale Online
Gun Gale Online Ngày trước
Make a robot that turns on hentai whenever you walk into the room
TieDyeKatz Ngày trước
Make a robot that randomly charges your credit card
sander Ngày trước
Make a robot that interups you when you talk
elisabeth barton
elisabeth barton Ngày trước
A robot that commits minor crimes for you.
Kirsty Buckpitt
Kirsty Buckpitt Ngày trước
You should make a robot 3d prints anything you say
Lincoln Tong
Lincoln Tong Ngày trước
A guitar that makes you sound very good even though your shit out playing the guitar
TeamAspectGaming Ngày trước
Make a robot that m ake good vids
I Am Austin
I Am Austin Ngày trước
A bop it game except replace all actions with different swear words
MisterMooMilk Ngày trước
Andrew Beder
Andrew Beder Ngày trước
A terrifying as fuck Michael clone doll thing that only insults William, but like way over does it on the insults. Like I mean cross every line and boundary you can, just remove them all... Except the one below the US
_Lonest _
_Lonest _ Ngày trước
Make a refrigerator that fat shames you
Luke Dodd
Luke Dodd Ngày trước
A coffee table that moves its leg when you're about to kick it
Nature Gaming and Tech
Nature Gaming and Tech Ngày trước
Idk if you have dingding copyrighted but they are selling him for a dollar on wish
Darrion Ellis
Darrion Ellis Ngày trước
You should make something that does something
Cameron Leaney
Cameron Leaney Ngày trước
Make a trash can that throws trash back at you
Gas Powered Fishing Pole
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